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The Diocese of Hyderabad was formed in 1980. It consists of the whole Sindh except Karachi and enables rural Sindh to develop in response to its different needs.


There are 26 parishes that make up the Diocese of Hyderabad. Most of them have a core urban congregation of Punjabi and Indian families who have been Christian since the turn of the century. Most of the people in the diocese have positions of respect in government offices, business concerns or as professionals. Rural agricultural Punjabi families also live scattered throughout the Diocese. In addition, many tribal, Hindu oriented people are coming into the church as new believers.



The Rt. Rev. Bashir Jiwan was the 1st Bishop of Hyderabad Diocese and he served the Diocese of Hyderabad for 16 years (1981-1997). After his retirement Rt. Rev. S.K.Dass was chosen as the 2nd Bishop of Hyderabad he served the Diocese of Hyderabad for 5 years (1997-2002). The Rt. Rev. Bishop Rafique Masih is serving the Diocese of Hyderabad since 2003 as the 3rd Bishop of Hyderabad till now.


The Diocese of Hyderabad is participating the services of education and health and has some of reputable educational institutes, hospital and clinics in the rural areas of province of Sindh.


















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